Basin Cloakroom

  • Producer: Burlington Bathrooms
  • Catalogue number: B9 T21A
  • Weight of an item: 13 kg
  • VAT: 21%
  • Availability: goods is not in stock
Price: 15275.00 inc. of VAT, 12623.97 free of VAT
Anzahl: pcs

B9 T21A

Victorian 51 cm Cloakroom basin with basin stand

* price excludes taps & wastes

Finishes: B9 white; T21A Chrome plated
Product Type: Traditional
Material: B9 Vitreous China; T21A Bodies are of all brass construction
Overall height: 81.5cm
Tap holes: 2
Size:  510 x 320 x 815 mm 
Weight: 12.9 kg



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